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  • Automated Blow Room with Double Contamination Clearer which ensures the quality fibres for further production.

    • Trutzchler and Lakshmi Carding Machines
    • Rieter Comber and Draw Frames
    • Lakshmi LF 1400A Speed Frames
    • LR 6’S’ Ring Frames
    • Schlafhorst 338 Gold and AC5 Auto Coners with Uster Quantum 2 Clearers
    • Elgi Yarn Conditioning Plant
    • Fully Automated Batliboi Humidification Plant
    • USTER 5 Yarn Testing Lab

    Vortex Spinning

    As a part of spinning, Saranya Spinning Mills having Vortex III 8703 model also to spin the yarn.

    "VORTEX spinning" is a technology which uses an air vortex to spin out the yarn. Fibers formed by these air flows possess a unique structure, and this provides the yarn with a wide range of functionalities.

    Open End Spinning Unit:

    As a reversed integration, the Ring Spinning Unit is accompanied with Open End Spinning Rotors and it utilizes the self generated raw materials. With the Rich Mixing, our rotors produce unmatched open end yarn yielding better efficiency in the downstream processes.

  • Saranya Spinning Mills having micro processor control direct warp machine "Ben Direct" from Benninger and Warp Direct from "Karl Mayer" to produce high quality warp beams for weaving preparation. Also, the Warping Machine with auto creel blowing system, efficient tension control device and effective photocell stop motion.

    The sizing Machines Ben Size Tec and Size Tec with double size box double dip double nip have the capacity of 24 beam creeling and upto 1600 TC processing. Count ranges from Ne 6 to Ne 140 can be handled by using single shot sizing method. In order to ensure the highest performance in weaving process, our unit considers all the parameters like pick up, strech, moisture and other appropriate characteristics that guarantee the quality of warped and sized beams.

  • In our Weaving division, quality as the principal focus that is effortlessly incorporated at every stage of manufacturing process, as quality check and control commences right from procuring yarn.

    Saranya's weaving division equipped with Toyota JAT 710 & 810 Looms with Auto shed levelling, auto pick finding, TAPO and start mark prevention systems which ensure the greige fabric quality. We are pleased to inform that our production capacity approximately 50 Million Meters per annum.

  • Saranya manufacturing high quality bedlinen products which includes Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet, Duvet Cover, and Pillow Covers for hygiene, warmth, protection of the mattress and decorative effects. Its pleasure to inform that Saranya makes Hospitality Linen products too for Hotels. In order to maintain the hygiene of the made ups, we made our unit with fully air conditioned. Manufacturing facility fully equipped with JUKI machineries with advanced technology. The Fully Air Conditioned unit with Spacious for Cutting, Stitching, Ironing and Packing areas make the wonderful atmosphere to the workers to produce the materials in good environment.

    Bed Linen Thread Count range starts from 100TC to 1600 TC in Cotton, CVC, Modal & Cotton-Linen.